2024 Spring Break Day Camp – Better Than Ever

With such enthusiasm and support from kids, parents, and schools alike, Ascend Wilderness Experience’s Spring Break Day Camp returns again this year for another AWEsome time! We are thrilled to offer a safe place for youth during Spring Break (April 1-5) at East Weaver Campground. The relief this day camp provides to working parents has been a solution for our community even more powerful than we expected. You can fill out an application here or drop by Ascend’s office to pick up a printed copy from the box outside the office door (we’re located next to White Wolf Gym on Forest Ave. in Weaverville).

This year’s Spring Break Day Camp promises to outshine 2023’s since we have a knowledge base from which to launch improvements to last year’s successful program. Spring Break Day Camp is a way for kids to connect with nature, identify with their role in our environment, and learn organically, away from screens for a bit. They are educated about the wilderness in a fun, hands-on way, while having a great time playing and interacting with one another. Stewardship is always the backdrop for an Ascend Wilderness Experience. By building compassion for our surroundings, humans develop respect and appreciation for many things.

As an all-inclusive program, Ascend’s Spring Break Day Camp provides everything a child needs to participate and be well nourished*. Donations are graciously accepted, but not required for enrollment.

*Thank you to our local business sponsor for their generous contribution to provide healthy meals and snacks: Trinity River Lumber Company in Weaverville, CA

Spring Break Day Camp Online Application