Adult Stewardship Trips

Ascend offers a variety of stewardship trips for adults in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. These trips are coordinated in collaboration with Forest Service Wilderness Trails staff to target areas most in need of rehabilitation and maintenance. Ascend provides all food, gear, transportation, guidance, and in some cases pack mule support; while Adult participants receive training on use of hand tools as they perform important stewardship tasks rebuilding trail, exploring the Wilderness Area, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

In 2023 Ascend Wilderness Experience is responding to community feedback by adding more opportunities for adults and families to join us in improving our wilderness together – Apply here!

Choose From:

5 or 7-day Adult Stewardship Backpacking Trip (Swift Creek, July 9-13/15) – Introduced in 2021, Ascend’s much-requested all-adult 5-day stewardship trip has been a hit! This year, participants will have the option of extending their experience to be a full 7-day backpacking trip if they are able. Assisted by pack mules, participants travel into the Trinity Alps Wilderness under the guidance of one Ascend Guide and one Forest Service Wilderness Trails Crew Leader to perform much-needed work on alpine trails. Gain knowledge in the safe use of equipment and get connected with yourself and the world around you on this unique all-adult stewardship experience!

3-day Stewardship (Waldorff Crossing, May 9-11) – Spend three days in this scenic and seldom visited area of the western Trinity Alps near the North Fork of the Trinity River. This trail is the best access for pack mules to pick up specialists doing fish count dives down the North Fork of the Trinity River and needs your help to maintain access after being damaged by wildfire. Learn about maintaining trail corridor and use hand tools and heritage crosscut saws to log out fallen trees impeding access during this 3-day car camping and day hiking adventure.

2-day Stewardship (Kinney Camp/Rush Creek Lakes Trail, Oct. 14-15)- Designed for the working adult, this car camping trip is an opportunity for adults to have a stepping stone before committing to a longer backpacking experience. Spend two days with trained Ascend Wilderness Guides hiking into areas in need of maintenance from a campground basecamp close to Lewiston, CA. Participants will safely access areas that have been neglected or damaged by fire and perform tasks such as replacing signage, logouts, brushing and clearing trail corridors. Discover the Trinity Alps with like-minded peers and give back to your local wilderness area on this accessible 2-day adventure!

Multigenerational Trips – Join Ascend for a single day or 2-day all ages, family friendly stewardship experience. Participants will learn how to identify where improvements can be made to trails and use equipment to perform general upkeep under the tutelage of our trail stewardship guides. Children must be accompanied by an adult and able to hike at least 4 miles.

  • 2-day Backpacking Canyon Creek (July 29-30) –  Join Ascend to hike the first 3 miles of popular Canyon Creek Trail, focusing mostly on brushing along “The Sinks” offshoot trail. Participants will camp right next to Canyon Creek with the option of a day hike in the morning up to the Canyon Creek Falls or beyond. This itinerary is friendly to anyone unused to hiking with heavier overnight packs while creating space for an adventurous day hike and swim into cold, clear, spectacular Canyon Creek.
  • Weaver Bally Day Hike (Sept. 30) – Join Ascend Guides for a ride up to the top of Weaver Bally to maintain the top of East Weaver Trail, enjoying stunning 360 degree views as they perform basic trail maintenance like brushing on the first mile of trail. After accomplishing this work, participants will have the option to make the trip to East Weaver Lake. This hike is one of the most accessible entry level hikes for young children or people new to hiking.

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